About Me

I'm an old soul, like my jazz collection. Passionate, like the rock concerts I go to. Solemn, like my classical tunes. Chilled, like my reggae beats.

I'm an adventure junkie who love to explore the world and taste almost everything at least once. I'm a self-taught historian, a half-baked social activist, who follow Mahatma Gandhi's quest for truth. Indeed, if I was living in the 1960s I'd probably be a tree-hugging hippie.

A financial market guy, I see the world through a trader's eyes: through cause and effect, through global interconnectedness, through boom and bust and their triggers. Generally comfortable with the progressive ideas of social liberalism, I also believe that every economic idealism from communism, to Keynesianism, to any form of laissez-faire are all sound in theory. But each are only successfully applicable at specific stages of economic growth, and thus we cannot be the proverbial "man with a hammer" and force any one of them as a one-ideology-fits-all model for every country in the world.

I worship God on Fridays, interpret religion through the eyes of Karen Armstrong, and practice it according to the wisdom of a 12th century Andalusian renaissance-man Averroes. Like Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and Martin Luther before him I believe that religion is a private matter, and thus religion and state should be separated, and that the greatest leaders are those who can practice religious and ideological tolerance to their subjects, just like what Cyrus the Great and Emperor Ashoka did in their lifetime.

I'm a textbook OCD, freakishly systematic and live my life in a borderline between enthusiastic and just plain weird. I dance like no one's watching, I eat like there's no tomorrow, and I read diverse range of topic interests: from Marcus Aurelius’ Stoicism to Laos folktales, from global criminal underworld to a [brilliant] book that analyses poo.